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Call Me Crazy, But This Is Why I Do It

Call me crazy, but this Saturday I will be embarking on accomplishing the marking off of one of my top items on my bucket list. An organized Century Bike Ride. For those of you that don’t know. A Century Ride is 100 miles (160.0 km) “on a bike.” Now I’ve been able in the past to have some pretty amazingly long and grueling rides like the Jack and Back (150 mile ride in 2 days), and many long rides on the beautiful Natchez Trace. And this year I have surpassed 5,000 miles on my bike odometer. This is the odometer that I purchased the day that I received my bike 4 years ago. When I looked down and saw this on my last ride I truly began to tear up, and many amazing memories passed through my mine and my heart. Memories of gaining better health when I was having heart pains, had poor nutrition, and was struggling with some depression. Life altering conversations with new, old and existing friends on long and short rides that I’ll never forget. I’ve had the honor of being a part of over $40,000 raised through specific races and rides, thanks to you! All for the purpose of saving and impacting lives for those in poverty, dealing with health issues (MS), and the most recent is building a classroom in Africa (there’s still time to give). To go even further with why I do this crazy stuff, it’s to be an example to my two young boys Nolan and Parker, as well as anyone around me or that reading. I want them, as well as yourself, to know that we can truly do anything that we set our minds to. Now you have to understand that this is coming Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.56.33 PMfrom a person that for years and years has always played it safe. I never pushed the limits to where I could possibly fail in life. Life is much different for me now in every area due to riding and running long distances. I understand that many many more that I know that ride and run go many many more miles and much harder and faster. However, I push it where I can, and understand that it’s not about all that for me. I know where I exceed my limits, where to set my benchmarks and where I need to [LIVE BEYOND MYSELF].

What are you doing to live beyond yourself? Please tell me…..I want to hear!

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  • Robyn Lyn Florian

    Have fun! It’s great to see “100” on your computer’s trip distance! Make sure to take a pic. 🙂 I start to question my sanity around Mile 85, but those last five are worth the pain. 🙂

    • DanielCWhite

      Ha Ha! I hear ya Robyn. My threshold is definitely 75, so we’ll see how this hilly 100 goes for sure. Thanks for saying hey and for the vote of confidence my friend.

  • Adam Tyler

    That is so awesome Daniel !!! A 100 mile ride, it’s gotta be very hard, I definitely couldn’t do it. But, one thing that I am doing to push the limits in my life is, I am training to run in the OKC Memorial Marathon in April of next year. Which will be so great if I can do it, since only 16 months ago I was in a coma and not expected to come out of it. I am really looking forward to seeing what living life in sobriety brings my way. I know and declare Gods awesome favor in my life. You are doing great man, I am always glad to hear your updates.

    • DanielCWhite

      Wow Adam, I don’t even know where to start! I LOVE LOVE LOVED reading your comment today. It truly made my day. Please keep me posted on the ride and I do hope that you’ll share your story somehow. Whether on a blog or facebook. Let me know if you need anything at all bud. You’re about to embark on something great. We’re not defined by the hardships in our life, but how we respond to them. Go get em Adam!

    • lindseytip

      Woah Adam!! What a testimony! I feel like it’s only the beginning for you. God’s best for your life and the upcoming race. I’m cheering for ya!

    • http://karenhammons.org/ Karen Hammons

      WOW, Adam!! You are living out courage + strength in such a powerful way. Keep going. Never give up. And know that so many of us are cheering you on in life + in next year’s race!!

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Get the latest! Join my friends and family email list – No spam, I promise.