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I’m So Glad That She Bought Me

16 years ago a little college girl purchased a fresh off the mission field young man at a fraternity date auction, and 2 years later they got hitched! Wow, what a starting point to a life long journey huh? Little did they know that they would share so many amazing …

Is The Art of Selling Yourself Is Being Yourself?

1. [WHO ARE YOU?] Before you can sell yourself in any situation you have to first know who you are. If you don't know who you are, then how in the world will you begin to set yourself in the proper environment to flourish. Please, live life. Step out and …

The farther we go the more the world opens to us

many people live their lives unremarkably with few grand surprises and then.....there are the curious ones we travel.....we explore....we live boldly we are a community.... on a journey that is defined by our experiences and the people we meet along the way the farther we go....the more the world opens up to us and possibilities become endless no …

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