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Embrace your scars, don’t erase them

We’ve all made stupid decisions, and we’ve all had moments that we’re not proud of. These are things that build character and thick skin.

I’m going to share a very close and personal story with you that I’ve only shared with a select of my dearest friends and family. I’ll spare you some of the details, but hopefully you get the gist.

So here it goes …… don’t worry, it’ll be a short.


Back when I was 18 years of age I got a tattoo. Yep, a tattoo, and back when tattoos were not quite as socially acceptable as they are now. Also not just any tattoo, but a really horribly stupid and irrelevant tattoo. One that I’ve found myself very embarrassed of many times at the pool over the years. Of course this post is not really about a tattoo, but more about the story that began on the day that this stupid thing was embedded into my right shoulder forever. This day was very significant for many reasons. It marked the day of one of the most insecure yet relevant seasons of my life. A season that almost cost me my life, literally. This was a time where I was searching, reaching, and looking for something more than life had to offer me up to this point. However, the places I was looking only left me empty, lifeless, full of regret, lonely and near to death. As I laid in my hospital bed with two IV’s in my arm due to near exhaustion and pneumonia due to drug use. I heard an audible voice of God say…. where are you going and who are you going there with? I then replied with several expletives, as I was frustrated with God by not putting the right people in my life, and by only seeing God as an old people religion, and that he needed to show me a different path full of life and purpose or I was done with him and life as I knew it. Not understanding that this was something in my life that was only going to create perserverence and character in my life, and would only make me stronger in the future and able to help others that have dealt with the same or similar things.

I then walked out of my hospital room three days later and disappeared from life as I knew it and joined the mission field in India & Nepal. Not because I immediately became some kind of saint, because I wasn’t then and I’m not now. However, I went to find myself, and only myself, and in the process of helping and serving others I….. well……..found myself. Go figure, huh! This wasn’t my original plan but it ended up working out for me. Unbeknownst to me, this has since become a common thread in my life that has always stood true for me when I find found myself lost in life. Help Others = Find Yourself. Try it some time. You might find yourself in the process.

There have since been a few times in my life that I’ve found myself lost, and that’s okay as long as I find my way out. But I always look back at these times and embrace them and never erase them, because it’s the tough times in our lives that create character, not the easy times.

oldphotoSo what does this have to do with a tattoo you might ask …… Well, I got this horrible tattoo at the start of one of my biggest rough patches I’ve ever experienced to date, and have always wanted to cover it up or get rid of it cause it reminded me of a bad season of my life. However, I since have found myself wanting to EMBRACE that time in my life instead of ERASING it. Like I said earlier, it’s the tough times in our lives that create character and it’s the way we respond to these tough times that define who we are as men and women. Coming out of any of my tough seasons of life has always been followed by helping those globally and in extreme poverty, of course involving world travel. Therefore instead of me erasing my scars (my scar is in the form of a tattoo, but so much more than that) I chose to cover it by something more meaningful and more “ME” and what my identity and purpose is on this earth…….THE GLOBE and those in it. I will forever be a part of fighting global poverty and being a voice for those that do not have one as long as I live. Therefore I choose the GLOBE to be that image to cover my true insecurity on my back.

What is “your scar” and would you choose to “cover it” instead of “erasing it”? What are you and what is your purpose?


Below are some fun pics of my new, amazing and painful adventure…….. but it was well worth it and I don’t regret it one bit, as it helped me relive my last 19 years and what a journey it has been. I can’t wait for the next 19 years!








Photos by Daniel C White Photography

Actual photo of tattoo on my back by Lindley Battle Photography

Tattoo by Russell Hickman






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  • http://www.ericasays.com Erica Mueller

    Love this story and the tat is pretty awesome too!

    • DanielCWhite

      Thank you Erica! It’s still hard to talk about, but I embrace it fully. It’s what has made me who I am today.

      • me

        Thank you for talking about it. I think we hold way too many things in and then we never grow or help . Your story helped me grow and helped me be okay with my scars.

  • http://www.jgrantjenkins.com/ Grant Jenkins

    Love this. Proud of you, bro

    • DanielCWhite

      Thanks Grant! That means a lot.

  • http://mikerusch.com Mike Rusch

    Brother…amazing. True example of God renewing all things. You’re a good man Daniel…a good man.

  • Kayla

    My scar would be from self harm, you see for almost two and a half years i’ve dealt with depression, anxiety and eating disorder. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years (as of nov 28th 2014.) I never opened up to him about anything going on until he sat me down and looked me in the eyes and asked what was going on. I was losing weight, not talking, staying in and not going out, and not letting him give me any type of foot massage because my ankle is where my scars as well as my wrist but I played those off.

    Anyways back to my point here about a year ago too know he has worked with me, makin sure I have at least 2 good healthy meals a day( i dont eat a lot but still getting there). Getting back into church and Being social, and ect. I have been feeling so wonderful and great about my self. As I’d like to cover up my scars it will be with a bible verses, “for I wear there’s scars for the lord.” I might have it wrong but the way God has shown it too me is its my proof that he is alive and cares for me. He saved me from huting myself by giving me the people I needed and the strength I couldn’t find.

    Dont ever give up. Also as my boyfriend says, “don’t choose to erase your scars, wear them as a sign of where you came from where you are and where you don’t wanna return.” ♡

  • Tassia Rocha


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