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Chivalry’s not dead

IMG_1212Well, as you can see in this picture, that boys and girls are quite fond of each other at an early age. This is my son, Nolan, and his little friend Kailey. There are not a lot of girls that he asks about more than Kailey. For some funny reason they’ve just always gotten along amazingly well. I guess there is no better time than now to teach him how to treat a lady, right? Honestly, I think he’s already off to a good start.

My parents divorced a very early age and we mostly lived with our Dad until our teen years and I honestly didn’t see a lot of great examples in my day of how to treat a lady, with the exception of my grandpa and/or uncle. I definitely knew how to hunt, fish and do household chores though, but when it came to really knowing how to treat a lady and have gentleman like manners, well, that was pretty much non-existant. Until…..one day came that we moved in full time with our Mom and WOW, now that was enlightening. She was much harder on us than our Dad ever was. She whipped us in to shape, to say the least.

One of my favorite stories of my Mother giving me tools to live by was at the Mall. As my brother and I were about to walk in to the Mall with our Mother we both noticed that Mom had just stepped to the side before entering the door. My brother and I both paused with pensive looks on our faces trying to figure out what is the world was wrong with her. It took us a moment, but atlast, I GOT IT! She wants us to open the door for her without her asking. Wow, it’s amazing how that memory is just burned in my mind for life. She always taught by example and it has stuck with me as of today!

My mother constantly taught us that the little things in life that you do for a lady will not only make you look good as a gentleman with true etiquette, but will mean so much to someone that you may know or may not know. Thank God that she instilled those thing in to me, along with cleanliness, manners and the importance of style, or I may not have landed the most beautiful and talented woman on the planet (ie: my wife). My brother and I may have just stayed the little redneck boys that we were, (not that there’s anything wrong w/ fishing and hunting and playing in the mud every once in a while) and not really understanding what it meant to treat a lady right, with the utmost respect and honor that they truly deserve.

Thanks Mom for taking the time and the sharing the tough love to ingrain in your little boys minds manners, style and cleanliness, but most of all “how to treat a lady.”

What are some of the ways that you’ve learned the importance of how to treat a lady? Ladies, what are ways that you like to be treated?

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  • Amber King

    Loved reading this Daniel! So… there are good men out there still! (JK) Your writing was very admirable. Funny, but the guys that I know that really know how to treat a lady with respect and love were all raised by their moms, I don’t believe that is a coincidence. You should be very proud of who you are. Thank you for posting!

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielcwhite danielcwhite

      Thanks for sharing Amber. I must too say that I’m grateful for my Dad for teaching my brother and I how to be little boys as well. It’s great that we have no problem going out and getting dirty by fishing or hunting, but there has been such a great balance of Dad and Mom in us over the years, even though they have been divorced since I was 3 years old. I thank God for that and want my boys to get to the core of who they are as a boy, but also to who they are and should be to others. Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.digitalmomblog.com Molly

    Wow, sadly, i’ve never thought about this, but will definitely think going forward –> I need to make sure to raise my sons to know how to treat a woman. Fortunately my boys are little.

    Love this! Thanks Daniel!

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielcwhite danielcwhite

      Yeah Molly, my Mom would say “you can never start too soon. My oldest is 4 and my wife and I have been teaching him to say “yes ma’am & yes sir” as well as opening doors for people since he was two years of age. Honestly, there’s not a age to young to start teaching the boys how to treat a lady. Thanks for reading.

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