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How To Use Deer Antlers for Bookends [#DIY]

This is the start of probably 4 or 5 posts coming up of DIY projects that I’ve done around the house lately. I’ve had a good amount of questions on how I did them and where I got the materials [FOR FREE], so here goes the first one!

I can’t give credit to Pinterest on this creation, but what I can give credit to is the way that the creative ideas on Pinterest have helped me see and develop things around the house that I can use for every day needs and for DIY projects. It has really helped me save some money and add some character to my living space by using things that are really important to me that aren’t being used. I can now look around my house and think of story after story for either a wood wall, deer racks or an old chair with the springs busted.

Here’s a fun and simple way to use something that’s extremely trendy right now by finally figuring out what to do with those old deer antlers sitting in the garage by using them for bookends! I just lay the full rack between the wall and whatever table or desk you’re placing it on. the just let the antlers lay on the desk or table and place the books in between the right and left antlers. If you only have one rack then you’re out of luck. This will only work if you have a full right and left antler deer rack. Make sure that you use the table to apply pressure against the wall to hold your antlers in place so it’ll keep your books in place. See the pics below for an example of what it can look like. You may not be a hunter and have extra deer racks laying around like me and my friends, but I know that a ton of people are going to antique shops and buying these racks for their home decor. This is just one of many ways that you can use them for.

I’ll be posting some other resourceful ways to use what you may already have just laying around to finding reclaimed furniture and wood. Stay tuned!

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Is this helpful? Does anyone out there do this already or want to now after reading this post? Shoot me a note and let me know or even let me know if you have any good DIY ideas like this as well.



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  • http://www.writingmomof3.com marythewritersblock

    Really great post and inspiring! I love the look and can’t wait to read your upcoming posts. 🙂

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