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Is The Art of Selling Yourself Is Being Yourself?

1. [WHO ARE YOU?] Before you can sell yourself in any situation you have to first know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, then how in the world will you begin to set yourself in the proper environment to flourish. Please, live life. Step out and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise try. This will get you around different types of people and help you experience life in new ways. Find people that will not always agree with you. Or when they disagree with you they will not judge and ridicule you in the process, but always encourage. These are the people that love you most and will help you learn “who you are” and then help you be the best YOU that you can be. Make sure you return the favor.

2. [ARE YOU WORTH SELLING?] Once you’ve learned “who you are” you will then learn “what you do and how well you do it”. This will then help you decide if what you have to provide and who you are is “worth selling”. This may take time, and might possibly take a few job changes an relationships to figure out. However, be patient, and don’t be defined by your jobs. As one job or opportunity may be the stepping stone to the next. Always give 150% in whatever role you’ve been intrusted with. Serve well, and remember that you’re blessed to have a job that provides and people around you that love you.

3. [WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE BEST FOR YOU?] Picture yourself as bacteria. I know, kind of gross analogy, but bear with me. In order to understand what bacteria you are working with, the doctor must place you in a petri dish. Until specific elements are added to the dish, you will not begin to grow. Not only that, but different bacteria respond to different types of elements. Until the proper elements are added, and time has passed, the bacteria will not grow properly or the way that it is intended. If you are a certain type of person, it will be difficult to grow into your appropriate person until placed into the proper environment. Find your people. Through trial and error maybe, but find your people. You will grow leaps and bounds once you do. Trust me, I speak from experience. If anything, it will allow you to have confidence in yourself in order to become the best YOU that you can be!

4. [WHAT ARE YOUR GIFTS?] If you don’t know what you have to give, you’ll never understand what your gifts are. Any time that you are placed in a scenario where you’re asked to deliver something, you have to know what your natural abilities are and what you have in your tool belt. It has taken me a long time to understand this, because I love and know how to do so many different things. However, you must know your natural gifts and what you’re truly good and most trained at. Not just the things that you like, but the things that you are and can deliver on. Define them and strengthen them.

5. [WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS?] Now I understand that not all of us have the luxury of doing what we’re passionate about. However, there are many of us that are, and that just have to live this way no matter outcome or income. If you are one of those, please find the right people, and the things in your life that are the hinges to the doors of your passion. If you are this person and don’t work within your passion you’ll always find yourself missing something every day until you land within your passion. Another thing you can do is possible do a job just to provide, and then find something you’re passionate about outside of work that fills that void, like running, cycling, raising money for a cause, kayaking, etc. This will definitely help fill that void of passion for sure. The idea here is to be fulfilled and live a passionate and purposeful life.

6. [EMBRACE THE HARDSHIPS] There is not another tip that I could share that better helps you find yourself other than this one. I know that our culture has a ton of 12 step programs, apps and podcasts on avoiding hardships instead of asking for them. However, it’s through the hardships that we grow as people. [A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLED SAILOR] Of course I never want anyone to be hurt or get hurt, but I know that the struggles in my life have truly made me a better person, and have helped me find myself in the process. It hasn’t been easy, and I couldn’t really see through the high waves due to the storms until they settled. But once the weather cleared the sky was the limit for how I could respond to what I had just gone through. Am I going to get back on the boat, or stay on dry land? [YOU’RE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR HARDSHIPS, BUT BY THE WAY YOU RESPOND TO THEM] Embrace the hardships in your life and learn from them my friends. You’ll truly find yourself in the process, and what you can withstand.

The moral of this story is find yourself, love yourself, BE YOURSELF and they will do the work for you by SELLING YOURSELF! Be the very best SELF that you can be and stick with it no matter the cost!



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