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Kings of Leon…all hype or pure rock?

Are Kings of Leon all hype or pure rock and roll icons? 29576214-29576215-large

I had the opportunity to go to their recent concert at the Sommet Center here in Nashville, TN at the last minute thanks to my good buddies Brandon Edmonson and Brian Elliott. I had just recently been turned on to the music of Kings of Leon. I wasn’t real sure what to think of these guys at first. I knew the lead singer, Anthony Caleb Folowill had a very distinctive voice and the guitar riffs of Cameron Matthew Folowill were some of the most simple yet unique I had ever heard. I caught myself just going back in to my buddy’s office just listening when he would turn it on at the end of the day. It was a slow but worthy transition into the world of the “Kings of Leon.”

IMG_1610Driving to the venue that night to check out the show, I was preparing myself for what I was about to experience. Now you have to know, growing up around music all my life, I’ve been to a ton of shows and I very seldom purchase tickets at this point let alone go to free show unless it’s just something that I’m dying to see. Therefore, I was just unsure how all of this was going to pan out, but was glad to see what all the fuss was about. As we entered the venue of the Sommet Center, roughly 16,000 seat available for most concerts, there was a line to get in and people everywhere! I immediately knew, other than what I’ve seen on the Billboard charts, that these guys had a pretty amazing following and it was going to be a great show. We took our seats after the two local Nashville bands played we were ready to rock. I’ll make this story short. The band brought it, but not as I expected for an arena show. They were the most unpretentious band that I’ve ever seen play an arena. It was truly not about them AT ALL. Their stage set up was very minimal and their video screen was a wrap around V-shaped LCD screen. Very cool, but small for the venue size. The videography took getting use to, but as the show went on it’s psychadelic video production really fit the modernized 70’s feel to the music we were hearing. They also looked like they were holograms from a band that would have played Woodstock. Amazing how everything took it’s form and made perfect since to me half way through the show. I found it so amazing that a band of this stature could truly perform to a crowd of well over 16,000 people as they screamed their name and still convince me that it truly was “all about the music.” Well done guys!

I can now say, I am a true Kings of Leon fan and would gladly buy a ticket to their next show when they come to town and will definitely click “buy album” on their next itunes release. My answer to the initial question is that they are “pure rock!”

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  • http://lightchild.wordpress.com Grant

    very cool. I’ve not seen them live but I love their music and hear they put on a great show.

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