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The Search for God & Guinness by Stephen Mansfield

I must say, the cover of this book alone truly intrigued me when my good friend Spence Smith gave me the book its release week. I also know that just having the word “beer” in the same sentence with “God” is sometimes a taboo thing for so many in religious circles. I think those that read this book by Stephen Mansfield might think differently afterwards. Check out the video below to hear in more dept about this amazing book.


I’ll end with this, as the video above will share the forward of this book much more eloquently than I ever could. When I began to read this book, I was coming back from a business trip and was in the terminal waiting on my plane. The first chapter really gets to the overall heart of the book and the founder of Guinness, Arthur Guinness, and his passion for the homeless and honoring God through helping to alleviate major concerns and issues in his community and throughout the world. I must say, from the time I started reading the book and the time I got on the plane, I was asked AT LEAST 6 times about the book. Therefore, I was able to share the gospel message with these six people by sharing the story of Arthur Guinness and the true history of Guinness beer. Not many can say that every day in our society, huh?

This book is amazing and I highly recommend it for the highly religious and…..well those not so much! Be inspired to find the more traditional ways to share God’s word with those around you that may not know him through your own community and sphere of influence, no matter what you do for a living.

Please share with me your “initial thoughts” on this the book title and then your thoughts after watching the video. I am so curious.

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  • http://jenwomble.com Jennifer Womble

    I love that the book cover alone interested people enough for them to ask you about it, which in turn opened a door for you to share the gospel. I’m going to pass your blog on to the book’s publisher and marketing team…I know they will love to hear that!

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielcwhite danielcwhite

      Thanks Jennifer for the comment. Yeah, it was pretty amazing how many questions I had about the Search for God and Guinness book by Mansfield. I was truly blown away and it made me even more excited to finish it. I’m glad that my story blessed and encouraged so many. Praise God on that one!

  • http://onethingfamily.com patrowland

    I started to read this book back in October and read about half of it. I really enjoyed the history of the Guinness family and felt compelled to start brewing beer. However, I’ve not finished it or started to brew. Great book and an incredible legascy

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  • Chris Russell

    Wow, I never knew these things. The video was really intriguing, and I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for the tip!

  • tammy

    the video was very interesting to hear. the book title yeah that it is a interesting title. i hope i get a copy cause i would love to read the book & i can guarantee that i will not put this book down till i am done & i will more than likely pass this book on to someone else who needs to read this.

  • Allen

    Sounds like an interesting book…would love to read it if a copy is still available. Thanks!!

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