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What Inspires You?

15944_166525098849_680883849_2706771_4126520_nWow, where to start on this one! There are so many things in my life that inspire me. Sometimes it could be beautiful scenery, an amazing photo I’ve seen or taken, a song or just music or a quote that could change your day or even your life. I believe there is truly inspiration all around us, even in our darkest of days. My wife likes to call me cheesy when I get in this mode of inspiration, but I believe it. We can look around us daily, even in our toughest days, and see inspiration. I may not always seem it, but it’s there.

Let’s start with, what is inspiration? Inspiration: arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity.

I love where it says, unusual activity. That generally means an activity that one would not usually expect to be inspired from. There’s my point. We are always looking for inspiration in things that we’re accustomed to or familiar with, when in true reality, inspiration is all around us in our hardships, struggles, new life, new relationships. My wife would say “how do you find inspiration in being around screaming kids all day?” Trust me, it’s there, just really hard to find in the moment. Sometimes we have to leave an element that we’re in to see the glory and inspiration in it. Just like when my wife and I can’t wait to get out on our date night to leave the kids with a sitter, yet half way through the movie we can’t wait to get home to see the little boogers.

I love meeting new people. When you meet new people I feel that you can be yourself a little bit more than you can with the ones you know the best. At least I do. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s something to say with having strong relationships and close nit relationships. We all need strong accountability and wise counsel from those that know us best, however, it’s also encouraging when you can just have uninhibited conversation with new people and share the things you’ve learned through life to encourage those that don’t necessarily know you personally and can receive your words as that.

I have been going through such a weird day. I’ve had what I believe is an inspirational weekend this past weekend. When I’m inspired my brain just can’t stop working. I begin to think of networking connections, creative ideas for marketing, promotions, music, songs lyrics and relationship potentials for the future to serve and make the best of. It’s always tough when you have all these creative ideas and no where to put them. Most of us have jobs that can use just a portion of our true talents and some can use them all. There’s nothing worse than going through these amazing times of creativity and having no where to go with it.

I would encourage each of you (2 people maybe 🙂 that are reading to always follow your passion. Never be swayed by glitz and glamour, yet always be driven by passion and purpose. Trust me, I’ve gone the first road a couple of times and it failed me completely. If we’re surrounding ourselves around people that create an environment for openness and creativity, but mostly a place to be heard and used, then you’ll find yourself being very successful & inspirational in your own right.

Go and be fully creative in the way that God created you and don’t let anything get in your way. Always find a way to get yourself and what you produce out there, whether you get paid for it or not. What inspires you is what makes you and you have to share what that inspiration produces in you or this world will not be the same.

What inspires you?

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